About us

A warm welcome to the Transitions Therapy International’s website.  Transitions specializes in providing therapy, counselling, coaching, consultancy and teaching services to expatriates, repatriates, teachers and university professors, humanitarian aid workers, third culture kids, military personnel, veterans and overseas clients.  Bespoke conferences are also available for corporations interested in inspiring staff members.

Transitions understands acclimatizing to a new culture and trying to cope with new obstacles, can feel overwhelming. This can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety or low mood.  You may develop feelings of isolation when realizing your usual support networks are thousands of miles away.  Repatriation can be an equally distressing time, which is often overlooked or dismissed.  Transitions can help you explore your difficulties and options.

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Transitions forte is providing therapy, counselling and coaching for international English-speaking individuals, couples, families and adolescents who have been relocated to a foreign country – as well as those who have been repatriated to their native land. In addition to office sessions, Skype appointments are available around the globe.

Transitions also provides support services for international and overseas teachers, administration and support staff, which are paramount to every school and university foundation.  In an international environment – Educators, Professors, Administrators, Students and Volunteers can feel overwhelmed with the additional tasks of relocation, the loss of their usual support networks, unfamiliar bureaucracy in a foreign land, possible culture shock and potential burnout. 

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Transitions Therapy International’s founder and principal therapist is Teri Sand, MEd (University of Cambridge) – England, MA (Couns/Psych) – England,  BA,  DipCouns,  PostGradCert, WCPC. Teri also has a specialization in Existential Psychotherapy – Belgium.

In addition to the credentials listed above – she has completed additional trainings and workshops at numerous institutions including, but not limited to, WPF London, University of Oxford, University of Maastricht, and De Faculteit voor Mens en Samenlevine in Belgium.

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