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Overseas school & university services for teachers, professors, administrators and other staff

Expatriate organizations, including schools are discovering the value of providing emotional, psychological and mental support services for their staff. Transitions services help facilitate international and overseas schools and universities in providing essential counselling & coaching support services specifically tailored for Expatriate and Repatriate employees.

Transitions Employee Assistance for teachers, professors, administrators and other staff facilitates schools and universities  in providing essential counselling & coaching support services, which are specifically tailored for Expatriate and Repatriate employees.  International and  overseas educational organizations looking to provide essential support for their expatriate and repatriate employees can provide information about confidential counseling and coaching services for their staff.  It is important to note that Expats often find it helpful to seek assistance specifically from counsellors and therapists who are also Expatriates.  There is no substitute for experience – both personally and professionally.  The unsolicited feedback that Transitions has received over the years suggests that clients feel more supported by therapists who can relate to the Global relocation experience. 

Transitions area of expertise is in working with expatriate and repatriate multi-cultural clients from around the world with various backgrounds. Employees who may be struggling with issues subsequent to a relocation to a foreign country or repatriating to their native land, may find counselling support or coaching to be beneficial in both their personal and professional lives.  Individuals that feel supported through their difficult experiences can be more likely to work toward their performance potential.

Repatriation can be a far more difficult experience for expatriates and repatriates than ever imagined; and I write these words from both personal and professional experience.  Repatriates often think and feel that they will be able to fit back into a former culture quite easily.  On the contrary, depending on the length of time expats have been assigned to foreign countries, people often discover upon their return that things have changed more than ever anticipated.  Upon this realization, repatriates frequently feel unsupported, suffer a loss of confidence and experience confusion as to why things seem so difficult.  When Repats try to explain their difficulties and how they feel to friends, extended family members, colleagues and even employers they often feel unheard and/or misunderstood.  International employees returning home can feel like no one else understands their difficulties as a result of the repatriation and can suffer high levels of anxiety, which can lead to poor concentration and less than optimal productivity in the work environment. 

When Expatriates and Repatriates are provided with appropriate and essential psychological support services they can begin to feel heard and understood.  Through an exploration of their difficulties as well as their potentialities, individuals can discover new strategies to regain or build up their confidence in order to can work toward their working potential.

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