Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is named after the World-renowned psychiatrist Milton H Erickson. Erickson was a pioneer in creating, researching, teaching, and providing successful hypnosis outcomes for a large number of patients during his career. What has come to be known as the Ericksonian approach is different from traditional hypnosis. It does not use written scripts, which therapists often read or have memorized for hypnotising clients. Ericksonian hypnosis utilizes a natural state of the client’s being in the present moment.  Through careful observation, compassionate listening, and an understanding of the client needs, the therapist creates an individualized experience for each client. Therefore, each session is personalised for the unique client needs and desires for improving their life.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is a short-term therapy. Some clients only need one session, others a few and for those with more complex issues several or more. It does not require the client to spend a great deal of time exploring their difficulties, and often very painful memories, in order to change their behavioural patterns. Ericksonian hypnosis does not require the client to divulge any more than they want to share about their life.