Coaching for Expatriates and Repatriates

Coaching for international workers, accompanying spouses, family members & adults and third culture kids.

Transitions can help individuals discover a more resourceful way of achieving their goals.  Coaching facilitates a collaborative process between the client and the coach. The main objective of Transitions Coaching is to empower clients to discover and develop strengths, abilities and an increased self-awareness.  The process is an endeavour to reduce the number of self-limiting beliefs, which can be the obstacles in working toward self-actualization and your optimal potential.  It is a process of identifying a focus, setting goals, managing expectations and shifting One’s paradigm to be able to cultivate new perspectives in order to develop solutions that can help you attain your goals. 

An examination of our unrecognized limiting beliefs can bring into awareness the obstacles which can block the path of reaching our capabilities. Through a focused exploration, we can discover that a great deal of our perceived obstacles are actually self-limiting beliefs that we may have adopted from others.  An exploration of self-imposed beliefs and the discovery new perspectives can help to initiate profound change.  The discovery of an increased self-awareness and a paradigm shift are key factors in developing strategies to become clearly focused, initiate appropriate actions for change and believe in our abilities to manifest our desires.  The Transitions Coaching process is an exploration into finding ways of achieving personal and professional goals through discovering new insights into how the choices you make could help you accomplish your desired aspirations.

Are you interested in, and committed to, developing a strength of clarity whilst learning how to implement new strategies which can facilitate you toward attaining your goals? If so, then an initial investment in yourself through coaching could facilitate a long-term beneficial and rewarding outcome both personally and professionally.