Online Video Sessions via VSee and Skype

Serving Expatriate and Repatriate Clients around the world.

Transitions uses VSee and Skype technology, which allows you and your therapist or coach to see and speak with each other in the present.  There are many English-speaking Expatriates and Repatriates located all over the world who have found it difficult to access face-to-face therapy, counselling and coaching services in their region of the globe.  Transitions International service has helped and supported numerous clients from many countries around the world.  If your are located too far away to come into Transition local office and work with your therapist or coach in person, then Transitions Skype sessions may be beneficial for you and the best option for seeking the support you need.

VSee is a secure telehealth platform for video sessions.  You can sign up for a free basic account, if you would like to have your sessions via VSee.   If you would rather have your sessions via Skype, we can discuss this option.

Payments for online services with VSee and Skype sessions are made through PayPal. If you are not yet familiar with PayPal you can visit and decide whether you would like to open an account.